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Oversized Hooded Cardigan

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Elevate your fashion game with the Barbarossa Moratti Shabby Cut Hooded Cardigan, a blend of contemporary style and luxurious comfort. This oversized cardigan is designed to keep you warm and stylish on chilly days.

Key Features:

  • SKU: BM16-5047-1
  • Color: Grizzled black for a trendy look.
  • Wool and Cotton Combination: A perfect blend of warmth and comfort.
  • Oversized Fit: Ensures a relaxed and stylish silhouette.
  • Hooded: Adds a touch of modernity and extra warmth.
  • Made in Turkey: Crafted with precision and care for superior quality.

The shabby cut and the woven wool-cotton combination fabric give this cardigan a unique and fashionable appearance. With the added convenience of a pocket, it's both stylish and functional. Elevate your wardrobe with Barbarossa Moratti.