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Navy Blue Destroyed Look Sweater

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Elevate your casual wardrobe with the Barbarossa Moratti Navy Blue Crew Neck Sweater, a perfect blend of comfort and style. This regular-fit sweater boasts a worn-out look that exudes effortless charm. The stylish cuts on the chest and the back of the skirt add dynamism to your look, complemented by large stitches for a unique touch. Crafted with care in Turkey, this sweater offers both comfort and fashion-forward design.

Key Features:

  • Color: Classic navy blue.
  • SKU: BM16-3005
  • Regular Fit: Provides a comfortable silhouette.
  • Destroyed Look: Effortless charm and style.
  • Made in Turkey: Crafted with quality and care.

Rediscover comfort with a worn-out aesthetic, perfect for adding dynamism to your everyday style. Whether you're out and about or simply relaxing, Barbarossa Moratti's Crew Neck Sweater keeps you effortlessly stylish and comfortable.