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About Barbarossa Moratti

Founded In 2015 in Berlin, Germany, the brand Barbarossa Moratti's initial plan was to create a collection that was sophisticated yet effortless.

The idea was to reinterpret the avant-garde style with a new approach and an extravagant flow, focusing on characteristic and geometric silhouettes.

Shapes and colors make every outfit to a statement of individuality. Barbarossa Moratti is against the mainstream and implement ideas that stand out from the conventional. With a creative couture touch, we transform and team with other premium textiles - such as silk, wool, and leather - to create stylish, masculin garments.

Barbarossa Moratti recreates the human body and suggests different ways to wear fashion. The constant deconstruction and reinterpretation of our styles are never boring.

Exceptional cuts and fabrics combine with forms and boundless shapes. All materials are for each single garment carefully selected.

Barbarossa Moratti establishes itself in the middle of high end fashion and street fashion. It can be combined with different styles, without loosing individuality and self-fulfilling. The label is a fusion of street style and rigorous formality, for both materials and cuts. Sustainability, ecology and environmental consciousness- are our top priorities. Designed for the man of today - an expressive, contemporary man, no matter the age.